Pardon or Record Suspension

A pardon or record suspension is an act of government that permits individuals who had been convicted of a criminal offence to now have their criminal record kept separately apart from other criminal records. This is a way the government recognizes that such a person has been rehabilitated and so deserves to be reintegrated into the larger society without having to suffer further for the crimes he/she has committed in the past. Simply put, it means that the government forgives a person the crimes he/she had committed before.

A record suspension automatically suspends an individual’s criminal record from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database. This implies that all information pertaining to convictions will be taken out of the CPIC and may not be disclosed without permission from the Minister of Public Safety Canada. Criminal records may be suspended when individuals who were previously convicted of an offence have completed their sentence and demonstrated that they are now law-abiding citizens.

You can apply for a record suspension if you were:

  • convicted of an offence, in Canada, under a Canadian federal act or regulation; or
  • convicted of an offence in another country and transferred to Canada

Before you apply, please note that you must have completed all sentences which includes the following:

  • payment of all fines, surcharges, costs, restitution and compensation orders;
  • completed all sentences of imprisonment and conditional sentence order;
  • completed any probation order(s)

Followed by a waiting period of:

  • 5 years for summary offences
  • 10 years for indictable offences
  • completed any probation order(s)

You are not eligible to apply if you have been convicted of:

  • a Schedule 1 Offence (offence involving a child) under the Criminal Records Act;
  • more than three (3) offences prosecuted by indictment each with a prison sentence of two (2) years or more.

The benefits of a record suspension are quite numerous and include:

Ability to be bonded by employers

Peace of mind

Freedom to participate in volunteer works

Full custody of your children

Freedom to travel outside the country

Access to job opportunities

…and so much more

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