US Entry Waivers

The US Entry Waivers is a legal permit that makes it possible for an individual to be legitimately granted access/entry into the United States. It is meant for all those who have been previously convicted of crimes. This implies that if you have been convicted of any crime before and you attempt to cross into the US without a Waiver Entry, you will be denied entry. You could also have your properties confiscated, be detained or out rightly arrested. This could be embarrassing as it means that your freedom is highly restricted.

The most common reasons why a person may be denied entry into the US is if such a person has a criminal record for crimes of moral turpitude (age 18 or older), and if you have been denied entry before.

What then is the solution?

You must apply to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to have your Canadian Criminal Record (CCR) cleared up and obtain a US Waiver Entry. Once again, the entire process can be very stressful especially if you do not fully understand the procedures involved. Another factor is that the strength of your application determines the length of time your waiver will be valid. The stronger your application, the longer your waiver validity period and vice-versa. Again, this is where we come in.

At Federal Suspensions, we fully understand all the requirements and have more than what it takes to put together the strongest possible waiver application that will attract us entry waivers with the longest possible validity period.

This will save you money in renewal of your waiver, as the longer the validity time the less money you spend on renewals. Our services will ensure that you not only secure your US Entry Waivers but that you also have a hassle-free border crossing, full rest of mind and total freedom to do all the legitimate things you wish to do.

When it comes to securing a US Entry Waivers, Federal Suspensions is simply the best. From the moment you come to us, your problem becomes ours.

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